School and Career Counseling

Counseling for School Success

  • I have served as a school counselor for 9 years.  
  • It has been important to me throughout the course of my career in schools to serve diversity and all ages of children.  
  • I have worked in Elementary, Middle and High School. 
  •  I have worked with children from all financial backgrounds. 
  •  I have seen the struggles that students have and feel well-equipped to help them learn to manage and excel in their educational career.
  • Navigating the school system with your child can at times be challenging.
  • All age children can need some guidance.  
  • There are issues such as social and emotional development, struggles with friends and teachers, learning and behavior challenges, as well as many other struggles that a child may face.  
  • My work is to teach strategies to help improve their school experience.
  • I can also help guide parents to best serve their child's needs.

Career Counseling

Life and careers are ever shifting in today's complex world. 

  •  Many people have been faced with job loss, income reduction, and even  career field changes.  
  • The process of the job search, new career training and moves and managing a new budget can be daunting.  
  • In career counseling we will identify your goals and create a plan that will allow you to take the action needed.  
  • This is not an "all at once" process. 
    •  We will outline the steps you need to take and work on a timeline for implementation. 

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